• A Unique Service designed for the sophisticated investor in the information technology space.
  • An Analyst with more than 25 years of Experience Covering the large the names, the small names and everything in between in the information technology space with particular emphasis on enterprise software, networking and enterprise storage
  • An intriguing view of the competitive landscape-who is rising, who is falling and who might be on the cusp of something big or something awful
  • Not influenced by the requirements of brokerage house research
  • A deep understanding of risks as well as reward-capital appreciation means little if it isn’t accompanied by capital preservation
  • We aren’t afraid to tell our clients it is time to leave-stocks are not children and they need to be sold as well as bought.
  • Interactive Dialog’s-We know that one size doesn’t fit all. There are stocks that are perfect for risk oriented portfolios, stocks that are better suited to investors trying to limit risk-and a few stocks whose principle attribute is their income.
Real Time Answers-Timeliness may not be next to Godliness but it is close-If you have a question or need something researched we try to turn everything around the same day it is received and we LiveChat to insure that you get the fastest possible response to your queries.