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Monthly Updates concerning major industry trends and topics 
The IT industry is one of the more dynamic spaces in the US. New trends are constantly emerging that can either validate or put at risk prior portfolio decisions. Investors need to be aware of what is rising and what is falling.

Market Insight

Market share is the leading indication of the success or challenges of companies in the IT space. Companies that are gaining market share almost inevitably are far more profitable and have far greater potential to expand their multiples than companies with declining market shares.

Portfolio Construction Support

Portfolios can be diversified or concentrated, they can focus on capital appreciation, they can be long/short or market neutral and they can be composed entirely of paired trades.We can provide you with a detailed service making portfolio recommendations and then following your portfolio for an extra fee beyond the basic cost of your subscription.

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We aim to provide a complete research, analysis and portfolio recommendation service for most of the 500 public companies within the publicly traded information technology universe. We aspire to provide research more than reporting and to provide actionable recommendations as much as just research.

Our goal is to help our clients find under-appreciated and under followed companies and to avoid trying to follow the herd. We recognize that one of the principle goals of our service will be to avoid accidents-the bane of investors. We recognize that our clients have worked hard for their money and want to preserve their capital as well as see it grow. To that end, we intend to provide timely analysis that seeks out tomorrows headlines the night before.